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Connect your Edge.

Is your customer’s data disconnected and siloed? Do they worry that the more data they collect, the more out of control it feels?

When businesses can harness data across edge to cloud, so much becomes possible.

Act on data, wherever it lives

Unify data at the edge by seamlessly integrating apps and infrastructure. Securely access data wherever it lives, eliminating migration headaches. Go from edge to cloud with the flexibility to scale whenever your customers need it!

Real-time insights

Are your customers looking to use real-time insights to make strategic insights? Edge-to-cloud architecture with AI can give them real-time intelligence, and thus the competitive edge that they seek.

Balancing business priorities

When you need to balance competing priorities and scale, or move rapidly from concept to value realisation, then the edge becomes critical. A connected edge strategy created essential business value.

Hybrid Cloud, just the way you need it.

Are your customers looking to connect the corners of their business more seamlessly and securely? Give them the advantage of a cloud that works for them.

Build your cloud, your way

If customers are looking for a cloud solution that has flexibility built in, HPE GreenLake is the choice for them. Enable them to bring the cloud user experience and operating model to apps and data, wherever they are.

Modernise across multi-gen IT

To modernise multi-generational IT with speed and flexibility, users need a cloud operating model for all traditional, cloud native or mission critical workloads. HPE GreenLake offers the scalability needed.

A unified cloud experience for all workloads

Your customers can have everything that they like about the cloud operating experience and all the benefits of one platform across their factories, branches, private data centres and more, wherever their hardware is located.

Only the right level of security will do.

Are your customers concerned with the risk of a security breach in an ever changing landscape of threats and attacks? Help them to adopt a zero trust framework to close gaps and reduce complexity.

Meet the right security standards

The lifeblood of a business is the data that it generates, transforms, stores and moves. Work with HPE to secure customer data spanning clouds, data centres and edges, whilst protecting against ransomware attacks.

Get security confident

HPE builds security into everything that they do to help users to protect their digital supply chain, making it easier to ensure compliance and safety for valuable data and assets.

Adopt the principles of a zero trust framework

HPE GreenLake employs a zero trust-enabled architecture from edge to cloud. They constantly and automatically verify the integrity of hardware, operating systems, virtualisation systems and workloads so that users can make timely security decisions.

Turn data into insights.

End users seeking a single source of truth about their own customers, hoping to deliver recommendations right on time, every time? Empower them to unify their data to deliver high-precision analytics, turning it into business intelligence.

Data-first modernisation

Break down modernisation into identifiable steps to simplify the journey. HPE helps users to develop a common understanding of the role of legacy data platforms and a common language to define priorities.

Simplified data management

Make the headaches of data management a thing of the past. Discover a cloud operational experience powered by data-driven, AI-based tools that can cut through the tangle of complexities.

Unlock the value of data

Unifying your data, no matter where it lives, makes it more valuable. Work with HPE to modernise data-first and open up new opportunities for both yours and your customers’ businesses.

Make AI work for you.

AI is everywhere, disrupting every industry and opening unlimited possibilities. Are your customers ready to use AI to deliver real advantages for their business? Help them to turn questions into discovery, insights into action, and imagination into reality.

Simplify an AI data pipeline

Helping your customers to get an end-to-end view of their data and turning it into a pipeline of projects is critical. Go from proof of concept, right through to production, turning all business data into a strategic asset with AI.

Make data more AI ready

It matters how you store, prepare, manage and access data for AI applications. Unify data across hybrid cloud environments, optimising data types and sources, maintaining consistency, and meeting the challenges of data-intensive AI workloads. Build a solid data foundation and set the stage for successful AI deployments.

Make AI sustainable from the start

AI requires a holistic approach that prioritises sustainability from infrastructure and software, to where the models are trained and deployed run, and how they are powered and cooled with renewable energy.

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