Deliver HPE solutions to your customers through TD SYNNEX and enjoy increased profitability, hands-on support, and opportunities to maximise your revenue. Provide solutions such as Enabling Hybrid Cloud, Everything-as-a-Service, Hybrid IT, Smart Office and IoT – all with powerful support from TD SYNNEX.

Enabling Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions are rapidly becoming the standard approach to IT for a large number of businesses. Look no further than HPE for a wide range of hybrid cloud solutions, enabling a streamlined experience across all clouds.

Build, deploy and manage hybrid environments with HPE’s hybrid cloud solutions to enable your customers to reduce IT complexity, gain cost control, improve productivity and drive agility for businesses of any size and scale.


HPE GreenLake is an Everything-as-a-Service offering which provides on-demand capacity and planning. The offering combines the agility and economics of public cloud as well as the security of on-premises IT.

Enable your customers to gain flexibility, increase control and lower their TCO with metered usage, so they only pay for what they consume.

Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is seeing a rapid increase in adoption by business thanks the significant advantages it confers. By embracing both in-house IT resources and cloud-based solutions, Hybrid IT is both highly scalable and highly flexible, helping accelerate business growth.

HPE’s extensive range of hybrid IT solutions deliver exceptional performance to create unlimited potential. By building an HPE hybrid solution, your customers will experience seamless integration across their traditional IT, private cloud, software-defined infrastructure, and public cloud.

Smart Office and IoT

The IoT solutions industry is set to be worth $1 Trillion by 2022, meaning there’s never been a better time to grow your customers’ Smart Office and IoT capabilities.

HPE are recognised as a Leader by Gartner in their 2019 Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure Report. They are continually pushing the Smart Office and IoT envelope, and are best positioned to deliver exceptional innovations in the field.

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