From Fixed to Flexible

Custom HPE product configurations at best price first time.
Designed for SMB and mid-market, HPE Flex Offers for TD SYNNEX partners are available through iQuote via InTouch.

Build your configurations exactly how you need them. Choose from a number of qualifying options, like processors, memory and hard drives. When the number of qualifying options is reached (5), you’ll unlock an exclusive Flex Offers discount for that configuration.

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FlexOffers Deep Dive

Starting in iQuote, choose an eligible Flex Offers base system (server or storage) and add additional Flex Offers options to meet the minimum requirements*. Once you’ve completed your configuration, you’ll unlock incredible FlexOffers discounts.

Watch the video opposite to see how easy it is to create custom HPE configurations at unbeatable discounted prices.

Visit the TD SYNNEX Channel Academy to learn more about how to use Flex Offers and to watch the demo.

*minimum requirements may vary depending on the base product.

Aggressive prices

Unlock the benefits of HPE FlexOffers.

More flexibility

Choose your own configurations and options.

Wide range of products and options

Choose from over 300 qualified products, including popular servers and storage systems.

HPE Engage & Grow

Earn HPE Engage & Grow from purchasing points through purchasing Flex Offers solutions.

Available through iQuote

Use iQuote for quick and easy access to HPE Flex Offers.

Useful FlexOffers resources for TD SYNNEX Partners

Gain an insight into the some of the best examples of best-selling Flex Offers configurations with this HPE cheat sheet.

Why FlexOffers with TD SYNNEX?

With TD SYNNEX, you will have a resource team of over 40 experts available to assist you with any queries you may have on Flex. They can also advise you about other programmes that will further accelerate your business towards more profitable growth, such as our TD SYNNEX and HPE Accelerate Programme.

Require further assistance? Speak to the team now

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