Accessible remotely from
a customer’s site and
any TD SYNNEX office

Engagement opportunities with TD SYNNEX Services team:

  • Consultative discussions to build vendor technology solutions.
  • Proof of technology and proof of concept multi-vendor solutions.
  • Partner sales and technical enablement.
  • Sales teams demonstration workshops and pre-sales briefings.
  • Planning multi-vendor solution configuration technical sessions.
  • Onsite Executive briefings in our Bracknell centre.

To whom are the BSC services available?

TD SYNNEX customers

Our customers’ end-users

TD SYNNEX vendor partners

Business Solution Engagement

Collaborative Workspaces

For improved productivity

Hybrid Cloud Capability

For more efficient and agile application placement

Improved Data Protection

As volumes and sensitivity of data continue to grow

Data Storage And Performance

Adopting effective performance management practices

Improve Security And Reduce Business Risk

Reduce business risk, and protect from evolving threats

Process Efficiency And Automation

Improved productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction

Wireless Connectivity And Communications

Reliable, secure, and high-speed connectivity