Meta is supporting businesses ready for the VR revolution.

By harnessing the power of immersive technology, organisations can create unparalleled experiences for their customers, leading to increased engagement and heightened brand loyalty.

Meta’s solutions are transforming the way that we create, learn, meet and build communities, providing an innovative entry point into the world of virtual reality.


said they performed better in VR due to less distractions and greater focus*


saved in accessories and equipment by a Meta for Work client after designing in VR


of leaders cite its ability to help teams connect, engage and collaborate as a top cultural benefit**

Why TD SYNNEX for Meta?

At TD SYNNEX, we are here to make the Metaverse accessible to you and your customers. VR is an important factor in TD SYNNEX’s global strategy, and we have partnered with Meta to support its adoption throughout the channel.

We’ll take care of your Meta partnership and connect you to the right services to help your business growth. With TD SYNNEX and Meta, you get access comprehensive tools and resources, a robust partner network, and an unparalleled reputation for excellence. Invest not in a one stop shop, but in a supplier dedicated to journeying with you as you take your first steps into the immersive world of virtual reality.

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*Meta Internal Data (based on a Meta-commissioned mixed methods study with 35 people in the US and UK. Participants were asked to complete a 50 minute, validated collaborative task and were either doing it over video call using Zoom or in VR using Workrooms). Data was collected between Aug 2022 and Oct 2022.

**’Future of work: 4 predictions that will define the next generation of work’, Meta, Dec 2022