Virtual reality is the next step for work.

The evolution of the modern workplace is underway. Combining the notion of both physical and digital workspaces is a game-changer for businesses looking to enable their employees to collaborate, create and work more productively.

Because of this, the virtual reality market is growing exponentially, with VR headset sales estimated to hit 24m units by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 32.6% between 2023 and 2027*.

The opportunity is there, and it’s yours for the taking.

Together, we build better.

Innovation is a key part of Meta’s DNA.

From hardware, right through to experiences and business services, the Meta for Work ecosystem has been designed to help users to work, grow, connect and collaborate, without complexity.

Welcome to the Meta Work Partner Program, where partners sit at the forefront of a revolutionary technology shift for the workplace.

Join the Meta Work Partner Program to:

  • Earn money through reselling Meta products and professional services.
  • Deepen relationships with your existing clients or grow your customer base.
  • Acquire industry credibility and recognition in the revolutionary technology shift for work.
  • Gain access to cutting edge VR and MR technologies.
  • Receive expert training and support.
  • Join an ecosystem of diverse solution partners and providers.

This is your opportunity.

The Meta Work Partner Program benefits are designed to complement your preferred method of partnering, creating visibility, unlocking new opportunities and resources, and maximising revenue.


Access partner tooling, account management, advisory councils and more.


Access special pricing, discounts, incentives and deal registration opportunities.


Access co-selling opportunities, lead sharing, executive engagement and more.


Access product roadmaps, developer documentation, premier support and more.


Access campaign resources, joint marketing opportunities and funding.

Where will you sit?

The Meta Work Partner Program leverages a tiering system aligned to program requirements for every partner type. Each partner starts at ‘Authorised’ and through support and growth, can make their way up through the tiers.

Program requirements support you in building a comprehensive Meta for Work practice – based on your preferred level of investment or your desired tier – in order to allow you to operate in your respective market with confidence.

Interested in becoming a Meta for Work partner?

Contact the TD SYNNEX team today to get started.

*IDC, ‘AR & VR Headsets Market Share’, March 2023