Did you know that it is 4x faster to train in VR versus in the classroom?*

It also enables users to achieve accelerated outcomes, as VR learners are also 4x more focused than their e-learning peers*. Meta technology helps educators and trainers to create learning experiences that deliver better results.

Train harder, work smarter.

Companies that invest in learning and development are more innovative, deliver better customer experiences and often have stronger cultures than those that don’t.


of employees think soft skills require years of real-life experience to develop**.


of Gen Zers want to work at companies where they can learn skills to advance their careers***.


of Millennials believe that professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture****.

Case Study: Accenture

Accenture has built the world’s largest VR onboarding programme using 60,000 Meta Quest 2s to connect employees in a virtual office space called the “Nth floor”.

The Nth Floor has been used for everything from Christmas parties to company meetings, but its primary purpose is to connect new hires so that they can understand the company’s culture and build new relationships.

Over 150,000 employees have been onboarded through VR. CEO Julie Sweet called it “a great way to learn about Accenture… and it’s super cool.”

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