Through mixed reality (MR), Meta is leading the next evolution of connection.

Mixed reality is enabling a more in-depth social presence, which means that businesses can deepen connections to their people, customers and ecosystem.

Through this, they can invest in learning experiences, spark innovation, optimise collaboration and strengthen community.

This applies across all sectors – from smaller businesses wanting to transform the way that they experience meetings, to architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms that use VR to identify stop gaps and issues within their work.

49% of AEC firms say that cost savings from catching key issues early is the main benefit of VR*

The way we work means working together, whether we’re sat next to a colleague or connecting at opposite ends of the world.

Meta creates better experiences, helping people to feel like they’re truly together.

Learning & Training

Create a stronger company culture and employee experience, whilst achieving better training outcomes.

Creativity & Design

Collaborate in rich, virtual environments to create, build and sell a vision.

Meetings & Collaboration

Collaborate productively and cohesively, with tools that feel intuitive.

Building & Community

Build communities with lower cost and environmental impact than in-person.

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*‘VR in AEC: Usage, Challenges and Opportunities’, Autodesk, 2022